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Digital LED Meter

    • Brand Name: EACH GO
    • External Testing Certification: CCC
    • Model Name: OEM
    • Item Width: 10cm
    • Item Length: 14cm
    • Item Weight: 0.8kg
    • Material Type: ABS
    • Item Height: 5.5cm



Total mileage (ODO) (TRIP) and voltage switch display:

In the normal display state, the short press the left button to display the ODO, TRIP, and voltage in turn.

Total mileage (TRIP) cleared:

In the normal display state, and the total mileage of the display TRIP, long press the right button, you can clear the TRIP.

Time adjusting state and metric switching state:

Long press the left button and enter the time to adjust the state, this can be through short press the left button in order to enter the time, the British public switching and normal display state.

clock adjustment:

In time, adjust the state, press the button on the right, add a number
of clock. The regulation of state in time, press the right button to add a digital clock, minute hand In the British public switching state, short press the right button, can realize the imperial switch

Package include:
1 x Speedometer
1 x A set of wires
1 x manual


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